Algoma 75" HDTV Unit with Hutch with 44'' TV Opening - Park Road Custom Furniture & Decor - London, Ontario

Algoma 75″ HDTV Unit with Hutch with 44” TV Opening

The Algoma District in Northern Ontario has long been known for its’ breath-taking natural splendour. Its’ rugged landscapes were especially inspirational to the Group of Seven. Rich with history in logging and mining, the Algoma Region was at the forefront of industrial growth in Canada in the mid 19th century. Our Algoma Collection embodies the very essence of this region in its’ overall design. With its’ angular design cues and custom metal formed hardware, the Algoma strikes a perfect balance of form and function.

The Algoma media collection comes in different styles in a variety of sizes. The media unit can come with or without the hutch.

All the pieces are available in a selection of wood type and finish options.


Product Code: N-ALHD74H

10 - 14 weeks


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